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Limited Company Tax & Accounts
Preparation Service

Tax Accountants Ltd will manage your limited company accounts and tax affairs.

As an owner/director of your limited company you will need sound professional advice to ensure the smooth running of your companys tax and accountancy affairs.

For a fixed fee, we will:

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  • complete your bookkeeping
  • complete your full annual statutory accounts
  • complete your abbreviated annual accounts
  • calculate the companys tax position
  • look for ways to reduce the tax you pay
  • discuss your draft accounts
  • submit your accounts to Companies House
  • prepare and submit the corporation tax return to HMRC
  • prepare and submit one self assessment income tax return
  • prepare and submit the companys annual return, if required
  • complete your VAT returns (where VAT registered)
  • deal with all correspondence and answer your taxation queries
  • provide all year round unlimited telephone support

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